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Bathtub  (P-9010)
Model: P-9010
Description: Size: 67.5" x 33.5"
Available In Stock & On Order
Steel Cabinets  (DM-075)
Steel Cabinets  (DM-033)
Steel Cabinets  (DM-190H)
Steel Cabinets  (DM-207)
Steel Cabinets  (DM-215)
Steel Cabinets  (DM-177)
Popular Whirlpool bath and sanitary wares is a contemporary SME (small & medium enterprise) situated in Lahore, Pakistan. Popular whirlpool bath and sanitary wares outstands itself by not only being a manufacturing unit but also a foreign trading company.

Starting in 1978 as small trading merchandise it took small steps, finally marking its name as the pioneers for ‘whirlpool bath tubs’ in Pakistan that defines a combination of ideas and Innovative technologies. The name that defines the experience, social and private, fun and relaxing, that will both completely satisfy you and leave you wanting more. The name that established itself as both inventor and innovator of modern day reaching the paramount of meeting up their set standards.

Today Popular defines itself as a fashion for luxury, embellishing & pampering bathrooms, defining their beauty, keeping up with the day to day changing trend in the lifestyle and taste of the people hence serving them with the excellent quality and service. With an innovative spirit and focus on our customer to every product we make and offer, we push the envelope that raises the expectations, and makes people feel better - about themselves, their homes, and their lives.

Over the years, we have diversified our line displaying a comprehensive range of products varying from jaccuzies, vanities, shower enclosures, Spas and vast range of Wall & Floor Tiles, sanitary wares & kitchen wares, Focusing on both departments (trading & manufacturing) Popular has outdone itself & held strong competition for those who follow by offering high quality products & unbeatable prices.
A message from the Managing Director
Managing Director Popular Whirlpool Bath
It is my great pleasure to introduce to the aspects of Popular Whirlpool Bath and Sanitary ware, which was founded in 1985.

Sincerely committed to the welfare of customers through providing quality products, Popular Whirlpool Bath and Sanitary ware has conntributed much to the Industrialization of Pakistan.

Popular Whirlpool Bath and Sanitary ware is one of the Largest manufacturers of bath systems in Pakistan it has continued to grow in awide spectrum of business fields, covering International trading, Whirlpool, Spa and Steam bath systems.

Popular Whirlpool Bath and Sanitary ware are pioneer's in Acrylic bath tub manufacturing as well as fibreglass.

All Popular Whirlpool Bath and Sanitary ware staff are available for any discussion with you at any time at any place to bring about a better future for all of us.
Easy to Clean
With a smooth non-porous surface that resists mold and mildew, a tub, shower or whirlpool constructed of cast acrylic is easy to clean. A few wipes are all it takes to have a bathtub that gleams. Stains like grease or oil that would ruin other bathing units are removed easily-making cast acrylic virtually family-proof!

  • No scrubbing required.
  • Wipes clean with a non-abrasive cleanser and a clean, soft cloth.
  • Mirror-like finish of cast acrylic polishes to a beautiful shine every time!
  • Stains are easily removed with rubbing alcohol.
  • Smooth surface is soft and warm against the skin.
  • Bathtubs are available with contoured lumbar support and armrests for the ultimate in bathing comfort.
  • Whirlpool options are available for relaxing thera-massage benefits.
Unlike ordinary bathing unit surface materials, cast acrylic is comfortably warm to the touch. Lean back and relax! Because the surface is already warm, water stays warmer longer in a bathtub made of cast acrylic.


A bathing unit made with cast acrylic simply will not chip or peel. Surface cracking isn't a problem either, and scratches don't mean a thing.
Cast acrylic with- stands the demands of daily family use, and still looks brand new years later.

Scratches are easily removed with polishing, returning the original finish and shine.
No cracking or crazing like Fiberglass
Color is molded throughout the cast acrylic surface for richer color and maximum durability.
Popular Whirlpool Bath and Sanitary ware offers a wide variety of bathing units constructed with LUCITE-XL cast acrylic. Our decorator special order colors will compliment and enhance any decorating scheme. Because of our innovative design and engineering, Popular Whirlpool Bath and Sanitary ware is still the one Preferred by Professionals. From one-piece tub/ shower combinations to luxurious whirlpools and approved shower units, Popular Whirlpool Bath and Sanitary ware offers a bathing unit for every need.

Remodeling is easy with our distinctive three-piece tub/ shower units hat assemble easily with the:

Fiat FusionTM System
Pieces snap together for the look and water-tight design of a one-piece unit. For lasting beauty and timeless styling, choose cast acrylic Popular Fibre Glass Int.
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